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Using professional grade paint, on high quality stretched canvas, Angie creates a range of styles, textures and moods to suit. Her most popular artworks are of the New Zealand flora and fauna – the Pohutukawa, the Toi-Toi, the Fantail, to name but a few. Contact Angie for further details or you can view her originals at her Gallery, 4 Milton Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland.


Cracking Up - Original  NFS

Cracking Up

500 x 700 mm


















Feathering the Nest - Original  - SOLD



500 x 700 mm

Feathering the Nest






















Spilt Milk - OriginalSpilt Milk Original

700 x 500 mm






















Cream of the Crop - Original

Cream of the Crop Original

500 x 700 mm























Balancing ActBalancing Act Original

Size 750 x 750 mm






















Fitting In - Original Fitting In Original

Size 750 x 750 mm

























Tui on NikauTui on Nikau

750 x 1000mm


Professional grade acrylic on Canvas

Available through Remuera Gallery















Feathering the Nest

750 x 850 mm

$3800 SOLD

Professional Grade Acrylic on Canvas
















Stolen High Tea

750 x 750mm


Mixed Media on Canvas











Keruru in Nikau - SOLD Triptych (also available as a Limited edition print) 


Professional Acrylic on Canvas

3 of 600 x 300mm









Tui Centric - SOLD

Mixed Media on Canvas

1000 x 1000 mm






















Tui on Flax - SOLD

Professional Acrylic on Canvas

750 x 900 mm


















Pohutukawa Triptych........SOLD


Professional Acrylic on Canvas

3 x 1000 x 300


















Professional Arylic on Canvas

Mixed Media

Price $650

Size 720 x 350






Kowhai Original - SOLD

Mixed Media

700 x 400 mm






CPK in situ



cpk in situ


















Bird of Paradise - Texture

SOLDparadise birds







Bird of Paradise - Texture in situ



paradsie birds in situ

































Nikau in situ nikau in situ



























Bird of Paradise


bird of paradise








Bird of Paradise in situ

birdsof paradisein situ
















wild plantain


Wild Plantain









Wild Plantain in situ


plantain in situ






















Flax Stones

SOLDflax stones




Flax Stones in situ flax stones in situ














Kaka Beak

SOLDkaka beak








Kaka Beak in situ kaka beak in situ













Pohutuakwa - Triptych

SOLDpohutu triptych









Pohutuakwa - Triptych in situ pohutu tryptych in situ




















River Bed river bed










River Bed in situ


river bed in situ

















Landscape landscape








Landscape in situ landscape in situ


























Pohutukawa pohutu










Pohutukawa in situ pohutu in situ


















Plantain Stones plaintain stones






Plantain Stones in situ plantain stones in situ




























Abstract in situ abstract in situ
















Magnolia Magnolia









Magnolia in situ magnolia in situ





















For enquiries of any artwork contact Angie on + 64 (9) 623 0049 or  enquiries@intuition.co.nz